Victor Vye is an independent recording artist and native New Yorker.
His gritty off-the-cuff musical sound and unpolished vocal delivery invoke the fast-paced tarnished urban streets he's familiar with.
He is currently in the studio recording his third album which will be release in 2023 on his private label Steelcore Records.

Victor Vye will be DJing with Alex English at Music For The Masses on Saturday, April 22nd.
Saint Vitus 1120 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11222. Doors 11pm. 21+
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Victor Vye will be performing with Hyperdolls at Bowery Electric on Friday, May 19th
for the Joey Ramone Birthday event.
Showtime is 6pm.
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Victor Vye is featured in the Queens Gazette.
Read the "Local-Express" interview here: >>Queens Gazette Interview 1/25/2023<<

Full length albums "They Fly Now" and "Rock Salt Sail" available on: >>Bandcamp<<